You Will Learn – Bonnie’s Africa Story

You Will Learn – Bonnie’s Africa Story

Where is God calling you to go beyond your world? The applications for the 2017 Beyond Trips went live early February and are open until March 5.  These trips give you a great opportunity to help bring the good news of the Gospel to the ends of the earth, and you’ll grow and learn from the experience too!

Here’s Bonnie’s story of what she learned in Uganda:

I wanted to go to Africa a for a long time because my husband has traveled to Africa a few times for business and said I needed to go and meet these beautiful people. Every year I was like ‘next year,’ but this year God said, “Go!!” So I went!

I went to AOET in Jinja, Uganda to do workshops with the teachers and students. In those times at the school I learned that you cannot go to Africa with a specific plan – you have to be very flexible because our American values are not the same as African values. In Africa people and relationships are far more important than things or time. We also did child sponsorship interviews – where we were able to talk to kids about their lives and their families and pray with them – an amazing way to learn about family life.

While in Uganda, I met the young girl my husband John and I support. Her name is Gift. She was very shy and sweet. It was the high point of my trip. I witnessed how important it is for these children to be sponsored – without a sponsor they cannot go to school and end up running around the streets. The students get a uniform, school supplies, access to medical care, and a meal once a day – all for $40 a month! After supporting kids at AOET for almost the last decade – I don’t even miss that $40 anymore.

If you haven’t been on a short term trip, you should go. You learn a lot about yourself by looking through the eyes of someone from a different culture even though you are only there for a short time. You think you are going for them (and maybe you are) but then God uses you and changes you, and when you get home, you get to share your story. Go. Now.