The gift of a blessing is a powerful tool with which we communicate acceptance and genuine commitment to our children.  The word comes from the ancient practice of weighing coins on a scale to determine value. Blessing others “adds value” to his or her life.

Your children need to experience unconditional love and acceptance from you.  When they don’t receive that, they can spend their entire life trying to fill the void missed at home.  While anyone can give a blessing, the most important and powerful blessings come from parents.

Begin by praying for your child and asking God for the right words.  The blessing is not a fleeting moment or mere symbolic event.  It includes an active, long-term commitment to your child and accepting responsibility to help them become all God intends them to be.  The focus of the letter is to affirm your child for what you see God doing in their life and encourage them as they face this transition.  

Use words that attach high value to them as a person.  Possible ideas to include in your letter are:

  • Recall special occasions with your son/daughter.
  • Highlight qualities you admire about your son/daughter.
  • Articulate your hopes and dreams for your son/daughter.
  • Express your appreciation for what they have done for you and the family.
  • Write what you have always wanted to say to your son/daughter but the opportunity never presented itself.
  • Share a key verse for their middle school years.

Click here to download sample letters.