The Importance of Remembering

The Importance of Remembering

Dear Grace,

Last Monday, our nation collectively set aside a day to remember those of our fellow citizens who gave their lives for the freedoms we have as a country. Most churches set aside some time during their worship gatherings to remember together the sacrifice and service of so many.

And we missed it.

There’s no excuse for it. In the midst of all the details and coordination that go into every weekend gathering, we failed to remember. Once we became aware of this, we took time in our 11:15 gathering to remember. 

I assure you that this was not an intentional omission, and we are looking right now at our planning processes so it doesn’t happen again. The part that hurts the most is to think that we missed a clear opportunity to love on many of you who have lost family and/or friends in service of this country. 

Remembering is so important. In fact, God commands his people over and over again to remember as a way of staying grateful and humble.

I ask for your forgiveness as we seek to honor the Lord together and love one another. Even as you read this, would you pray for Grace?

Would you pray that God would continue to lead us by his Spirit? We want to creatively and authentically gather each weekend. We want Christ to be honored and to grow in his likeness. There are so many details that go into that. Pray for wisdom and clarity.

I love our church so much, and I am grateful to be on the journey with you.