Grace Students Spring Retreat

March 29, 2019 – March 31, 2019
NorthBay Adventure Camp
11 Horseshoe Point Ln. North East, MD 21901

What is so important about a name?

A name says a lot about a person as they tell us more about who that person is and what they do. The last weekend of March, at our Grace Students Spring Retreat, we will be talking about the names of Christ and how these names show us who He is and what He has done for us. During the weekend it is our prayer that students will grow in their love for Jesus and knowledge of what He has done for them in the gospel.

We want every student possible (grades 6th-12th) to attend this retreat, including friends that you’d like to invite. If you have not been a part of Grace Students for a while, this would be a great time to jump in. If cost is an issue, we have scholarships you can apply for on the registration page.

We have plenty of volunteer spots for parents, where you can serve on the Kitchen Crew or on the Adventure Crew, and attend for free. Or if you would like to simply attend with your student and pay full price, you may do that too! All parents must submit a background check upon registration.

We look forward to seeing you at NorthBay!

You were washed, you were sanctified, you were justified in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the Spirit of our God.”
(1 Corinthians 6:11)

Parents of students are welcome to attend this retreat. You may either come to serve (for free) on the Kitchen Crew or on the Adventure Crew. If you would like to simply attend with your student and pay full price, you may do that too! All parents must submit a background check upon registration.

General Information

*For updates, our departure time will be sent via email and through the High School and Middle School Realm groups.

Student check-in begins at 5:30 pm on Friday, March 29th in the main lobby. We will return to the Warehouse on Sunday, March 31st around 2:30 PM.
– Please eat dinner prior to arrival on Friday.
– Please park in the lot by the main entrance
– There are three steps to checking in:
(1) Check-In
(2) Baggage – tag and drop off your bag.
(3) Medical (if applicable) – leave any medication with the nurse, located in the main lobby.

After dropping everything off, students will proceed to the Warehouse to board their assigned bus.

Our nurses will be in the main church lobby at the East Connecting Place on Friday during check-in. If you need to hand over medication or give them special instructions for your child please do that then. If your child has started new (or stopped) medication since registering please let them know!
Retreat Information
– Bible
– Notebook and pen
– Linens (twin-sized sheets, pillows, blankets/sleeping bag)
– Water Bottle
– Weather appropriate clothing for three days, two nights (Be sure to check the weather the week of!)
– Personal hygiene items
– Towel
– Flashlight
– Shower Shoes
– Shaving cream (non-menthol) for Middle School Blast Battle (this will be collected during check-in)
*** Please do not bring any valuables that could be lost or stolen!
1. What we do, we do together. Every student is expected to be at all scheduled events.
2. Do not leave the NorthBay property.
3. Honor the leadership structure of the retreat. If a leader asks you to do something, respond humbly.
4. Respect one another (including their property – no stealing).
5. Honor curfew and lights out.
6. No alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products are permitted
7. No guys in girls’ cabins and no girls in guys’ cabins.
8. Be proactive and use this retreat to get to know as many people as possible. Therefore, we ask guys and girls to not be alone in a secluded place.
9. Pranks can be fun, but often times they go too far. Be sure to run practical jokes and pranks by your leaders.
Students $235
Parents (attending) $235
Kitchen & Adventure Crew (serving) $0

All adults (18 & older) attending or serving on the retreat will be required to be background checked.

We don’t want anyone to miss the retreat due to the cost. There are scholarships available. To request a scholarship, please register as “Student Requesting a Scholarship” on the drop down on the registration page.

REQUIRED: The following forms must be downloaded, completed, and emailed to

Minor Consent Form
NorthBay Health Form

NorthBay boasts 36 12-person cabins on our lower campus, and 8 bunk rooms on upper camp that can accommodate 12-14 each. Each cabin is temperature controlled which allows us to accommodate groups year round.

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