Going Beyond My World: Mike and Carol Hart

Going Beyond My World: Mike and Carol Hart

Today’s Worship Music:

  • Lion and the Lamb
  • Alive In Us
  • In Christ Alone
  • Nothing But The Blood
  • Hosanna

Small Group Discussion Guide

1. Carol said that the crisis of human trafficking is not what called she and her husband to “reach every person and rescue every child” but rather their love for Jesus called them to this ministry.  As we enter our second week of our missions month, do you feel Jesus is calling you to something?  If so, what?

2. One of the things said during the gathering today was “The world gets to see what Christianity looks like through us.”  What do you feel the world is seeing?  What should Christianity look like, feel like, smell like, and behave like?
3. In Carol’s conversation with the Buddhist, he said, “Let’s see what your God will do.”  Have you seen “the difference Maker” work in places where government and intellect have not?  Where would you like to see Him work?
4. What, if any, inadequacies do you feel you have used to disqualify you from serving, going, and doing?
5. How could God use your hands and heart to execute His hands and heart on earth?