Consumed: Living God’s Word

Consumed: Living God’s Word

We conclude our Consumed Series by talking about how God’s word can shape and transform our life.

A Note from Mitchel

Dear Grace,

You know how seriously we take the study and teaching of God’s Word. You also know how we try to be as real and authentic as possible in responding to it.

This past weekend I taught from 2 Kings 23. Just yesterday, I was reading a book on worship that outlined some of the notable kings of Judah who restored Israel’s worship. The author described the work of Hezekiah and Josiah – the two kings I mentioned last weekend. I was stunned to realize that Hezekiah had in fact celebrated the Passover (2 Chronicles 30:1f.). I said in my sermon only Josiah had.

Why then does 2 Kings 23:22 say, “For no such Passover had been kept since the days of the judges who judged Israel, or during all the days of the kings of Israel or of the kings of Judah”? I looked a little closer at the Hebrew and realized I missed a very important preposition and adjective. Without going into the nitty gritty, the Hebrew renders “like this Passover…” which is why we have in English, “…no such Passover…”

A good translation would be, “For this kind of Passover was not done since the days of the judges…” It means that the way Josiah led the Passover according to the Law of Moses had not been done since the days of the judges (Hezekiah had injected some modifications into his celebration). It doesn’t mean that none of the other kings had observed it (although Hezekiah and Josiah are the only kings to be described as observing the passover in the book of Kings and Chronicles). Still, to say that no other king observed Passover would be an argument from silence.

Though it doesn’t alter the point of what I was trying to communicate through Josiah’s example of living the Word, I wanted to let you know of my error in interpretation, and I’m grateful to God that he pointed it out to me in my study (though I wish I would have read that excerpt last week!)

Thanks for the grace you give to me, and the ongoing privilege it is to study, learn, and teach the Word of God among you.

Humbl(y)(ed) by 2 Tim 2:15,


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