Blurred Vision: The Cycle Of Bad Romance

Blurred Vision: The Cycle Of Bad Romance

The book of Judges is exciting to read, but it is not easy to read. In this book we will meet many heroes of our faith: Gideon, Deborah, Samson, and others. But, we also encounter lying, assassination, murder, and much worse! The book of Judges shows us God is true to His word. Sin will not be without consequences (Psalms 64:3-4, 7-8; Romans 1:21 – 32) but He will not leave us without a Savior (Exodus 6:7, Ephesians 2:1 – 5). In Judges we see God relentlessly pursue His people and rescue His people even in the midst of their sin and failings. While there are many lessons we will learn from this book (for instance, God works out His will through broken people and in spite of broken people) we will ultimately learn of our need to turn toward Jesus. The more aware we are of our need for a Savior, the more precious our Savior becomes to us.

Small Group study material:

For the duration of this particular series, in lieu of the typical questions that are posted weekly by or pastors, we would like to suggest that groups consider using “Flawed and Flawless, by Timothy Keller. The study guide is relatively in expensive and includes 6 sessions. It is a very well done, in depth, and though provoking study on the book of Judges.

To purchase your copy: or or your local Christian bookstore.

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