Responding to the Call – Meghan’s Story

Responding to the Call – Meghan’s Story

Going Beyond Your World can look different in different seasons of your life. During college, Meghan knew God had her working and going to school, but afterwards He started calling her to the nations. Here’s her story:


I started to feel called to missions when I was in college, and all of my roommates were doing ministry throughout college, and that was something I really had a desire for and it’s something that God just kinda said “No” to. And I was really confused, but God told me you have to go and get a job, you have to work in this season of your life and you have to go to school.

And through that I found that missions is everywhere – life is missions. And I found that my workplace was missions and that my classroom was missions, and I didn’t need to be hooked into a ministry for me to be doing missions, you know? I was called to be involved in my local church, and I was called to be Jesus to the people around me, so that’s really when my heart for missions started.

So after college I was thinking, “So ok, it’s time for me to get a job, but before I do that I want to take a month or two off. I want to go out, see the world a little bit.” To be honest, I was probably like interested in traveling more than I was maybe interested in like missions, but if I was able to find the two together it was fine by me.

So I was looking around and I came across this program called The World Race, and it really just like captured my heart, and I was like, “You know, this is something that I’m really interested in.” And so The World Race is 11 countries in 11 months, and you go and you partner with local ministries in each of those countries. And I was like, “You know, I think this is really it.” So I decided to go, and I raised my support and I went, and then when I came back I was like, “Ok that was a great season. I’m really glad I did that, but it’s time to go get a real job now. That was great.”

And then the Lord just kept on kinda knocking at my heart, and He was like, “What about long-term missions?”

So I heard about this short-term opportunity to go to Lesbos, and I was actually at Grace on week, and I really felt the Lord ask me, “Would you go if I asked you to go?”

And so I went home and I talked to my sister, and she was like, “Yeah, you should!” Like I didn’t have a job at the time, I had just kinda gotten back from The World Race. She was like “You should do it.”

And so, I went to Lesbos for the first time, and again I came back like “Alright God, time to go get that job now.”

And He was like “What about long-terms missions that we had kinda thought about?”

So that’s when I started looking at long-term missions opportunities and that’s when I came across this opportunity to go back to Lesbos full-time.

Going to Greece in the beginning was really difficult. It was really lonely, and it’s amazing how the Lord knows me individually and He knows my heart and He knows that I needed community. And so He sent women to me in seasons of my life that I needed them to be there to be my roommate, and He sent a church family to labor with me and do outreach with me and to invite refugees into the church.

And it’s also incredible that I know that my family here at Grace is praying for me as well. Yeah, it’s such an encouragement that I know that the work that we are seeing be done and the labor we are seeing fruit from is a result of the power of prayer.

We are providing physical and spiritual aid to those who are coming over on boats to Greece from the Middle East. So these people come with just what’s on their backs, and we try to provide the physical needs that they have like shelter, blankets, sanitation needs, and we also try to provide spiritual aid as well when we get the opportunity to do that.

At the end of the day, I’m incredibly encouraged because God keeps on sending His laborers for whatever amount of time that they are able to come, and I’m encouraged because we are seeing people come to know Jesus. People will spend their whole lives doing missions in the Middle East and they could see just a few people come to Christ – and what an incredible, what an incredible story that is – but we are at such an unique opportunity here in Greece, we have people who are coming from the Middle East fleeing war-torn countries or persecution, and they are able to hear the Gospel with such an open and new mind and to receive it and to really understand it in a way that they really wouldn’t be able to understand it in their own country.

Please pray for open hearts to hear the Gospel for people who are coming out of the Middle East who have never had a choice about what they are able to believe before, and please pray for people who are sharing for boldness and encouragement among that.