Reflections on Journey with Jesus

Reflections on Journey with Jesus

Holy Week & Easter 2018 may have passed, but there is still much to reflect on when we think about all that happened at our church during that time, and more importantly all that happened ~2000 years ago when Jesus lived his last days on earth, died and rose again.

One special way we were able to remember Jesus’ final days as a church was through Journey with Jesus – an interactive “Stations of the Cross” experience where families could follow Jesus from the garden of Gethsemane to his borrowed tomb.

The GraceCreative Collective took the lead on Journey with Jesus this year, and during the event they were able to witness families engaging with and reacting to the Passion narrative. Alana Johnson from GraceCreatives organized a group of student actors to help bring the Journey to life, and she sat down with her husband, Bryan, and daughter Gianna to reflect on their experience.

“Being part of the Grace Creatives team, and having the opportunity to work on the Journey with Jesus project was incredibly meaningful. Creating each station of the Cross in such a way that families would feel comfortable and at ease bringing their young children to experience, was a challenge to be met. I believe the beautiful artwork, along with the station set ups, were special and memorable. It seemed that everyone who journeyed emerged with a deeper understanding of why Easter Sunday — Resurrection  — is so incredibly important to our lives as Christians. A team of middle and high school students dedicated their time and talent to make the Journey with Jesus so memorable for more than 400 visitors! The scripts were read and delivered beautifully, helping to give all who made the Journey with Jesus even more memorable!” –Alana Johnson

“It was moving to see the interaction of parents with their children — telling the story by the passages, helping them count coins, and attach items to their books. The dramatic readings were very impactful.  The visitors watched with anticipation of what was to be told. The stations were very appropriate – delivering the impact of the elements Jesus encountered through the hours of Good Friday.” –Bryan Johnson

“Being part of the ‘Journey with Jesus’ was very memorable for me because I was able to see how all the families were effected by the message of Jesus’s walk to the cross. Each person, from the very young children, to their parents, seemed to be overcome with the solemn meaning of the Journey. Helping to tell the story, and to bring it to life for visitors, was an honor. It was clear that people enjoyed the interactive and hands-on activities.” –Gianna Casanova, 7th Grade