Realm: Online Connecting Place

Realm: Online Connecting Place

Realm is a secure online connecting place to find people and plug into things that matter to you like chats with ministry-specific groups. You can also manage your online giving.  Most importantly, using Realm can help you go from skimming the surface of a big church to forging real connections in your church home.

On a desktop computer, go to Download the “Realm Connect” app on your mobile device from the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store (Android).

Getting Started

City users:  Because Realm is from the same company as The City, you can sign in with the email you used on The City, create a new password (click “Forgot Password” and you’ll receive an email to reset), and then update your information as needed.

Need help?

New users: Use this link to sign up.




Does my operating system matter? Yes.

Realm works best for Windows 7 and up or Mac OS 10.9 and up. Also, the iOS app requires iOS 10.0 and up and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. The Android app works with most devices.


What about my privacy? Realm is safe, private, and secure.

Your privacy is one of our greatest concerns. Realm keeps your data safe and gives you control over who can view your information. Realm is not open like a social network; it’s made up of only those people in our church body, and you choose which people can see it.


What about giving? Realm gives you control over your giving.

Giving should be easy, and Realm places giving right in the palm of your hands. You may set up recurring gifts, view your giving history, and make changes at any time. Realm automatically records all electronic gifts and adds them to your giving record making it easy for you to give, and easy for our bookkeeper to track.