Preparing for the Age of Opportunity

Preparing for the Age of Opportunity

Middle school begins in less than six months for your 5th grader.  Have you started to panic yet?  Are you worried about the challenges he or she will face?  Do you feel ill-equipped to walk side-by-side with your child during these years of transition?  Are you just hoping to make it through or do you view the next three years as a time of opportunity?  

The Grace Families’ ministry wants to assure you that you do not need to panic and that you have a team of parents who will walk side-by-side with you so that you can do the same with your child.  This team has developed Milestone 4: Preparing for the Age of Opportunity to help you discover how to intentionally parent your child in middle school so that together your family pursues Christ.  This milestone includes 4 mini-workshops for parents and a concluding family celebration.  Each workshop focuses on one area of parenting and provides not only God’s vision about the topic,  but also training, resources, and the opportunity to talk with experienced families. Rather than parent by trial and error, plan to attend the workshops and make the most of the middle school years.

In February, Ryan and Sandi Miller explained how to use the resource “Passport to Purity” so that parents could have meaningful talks with their preteens and lay the foundation of purity that will prepare him or her for the years ahead.  

This Sunday, March 12, the team tackles the issue of “Biblical worldview.” Do you know what a worldview is and why it’s important?  And did you know that only 9% of born-again believers have a Biblical worldview according to the Barna Research Group?  Parents will learn how to counter the messages of the culture and instead, develop in their children a Christian “map” to plot the course of their life.  

Coming on April 9, parents will be equipped to lead their child to trust Jesus as their Savior and learn how to become their child’s baptism coach.  The workshops conclude on May 21st, as parents learn how to bless their children at the Milestone 4 Pizza Party and Pancake Breakfast Celebrations, as well as what to expect in Light Company, Grace’s middle school program.  

God has given you the amazing privilege of discipling your children.  Whether you are the first generation of believers in your family or you can trace your faith back to your great-grandparents, take action to pass along your faith to your child.  Do not shrink from the task.  Engage with other parents and learn from those further down the road.  Just as the prophet Nehemiah encouraged the families of his day, “Do not be afraid…Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your brothers, your sons, your daughters, your wives, and your homes,”  (Nehemiah 4:14).