Missions Month 2019

Missions Month 2019

Missions Month reminds and reveals to us God’s heart for the world, what He is doing among the nations and all around us. We pray it will open the eyes and hearts of His people, to gladly participate in what He is doing. We also pray all will see how worthy He is for us to do “whatever it takes” to make Him known.

As part of missions month, we’ll be hosting workshops each weekend in February, supporting our local community through two different drives, and encouraging people to sign up for our annual Cold Weather Shelter event. You can also follow along with our 28-Day Prayer Guide for Missions.


This year, we will showcase one workshop per week for the first three Sundays during the Missions Month.

On the last Sunday, however, we will have 7 amazing workshops for you all! There will be two workshop sessions with session 1 taking place 1-1:45P and session 2 taking place 2-2:45P. If your time allows, you will be allowed to register for two workshops on the last day.

Week 1: “Next Steps in Following Jesus Into the Nations”
Week 2: FCA Park Heights Saints - Hope that Transforms
Week 3: “Go and Bear Fruit”
Week 4: “Lessons From Living in the Muslim World”
Week 4: “8 Things You Should Know About Refugees”
Week 4: “Finding Faith and Keeping Faith on Campus”
Week 4: “Changing the World Through Sponsorship”
Week 4: “Combating Human Trafficking Here & SouthEast Asia”
Week 4: “Global Glimpse for Families”
Week 4: “Catch Vision & Learn How You Can Help Impact the Nation”