People have been doing “church” for a couple thousand years now and worked out WHAT to do. Worship God, teach the Bible, baptize people, have potlucks, etc. You’ll see these usual things at Grace, but HOW we do things and WHY we have the ministries we do are driven by our three-fold mission to build disciples (people to follow Christ) who:

  • Pursue Christ (seek, study, worship, grow…run to the heart of Jesus)
  • Engage Others (caring relationships, fun, prayer…reflecting the love of Jesus)
  • Impact the World (serve, love, witness…live the mission of Jesus)

As a result, everything changes. Life doesn’t become easy, but there is light in the darkness, hope in the pain, purpose in the chaos.

We find light, hope, and purpose in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ who laid down his life for the whole world, set every star in the sky, and knows every hair on our heads.

Step into Grace