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Grace Counseling

SIDE BY SIDE Through Life Challenges

We all have challenging circumstances at various times from relational pain to seasons of transition to mental illness. You’re not alone. Grace Counseling provides a network of ministries, resources, trained volunteers, groups, and referrals to professional counselors to help you move forward with both the grace of God and practical support. Check out the list of Care & Support groups and counseling information below. Email if you have questions (please make sure to include the best phone number to reach you).

If you (or your loved one) is in imminent danger of hurting yourself or others, call 911 immediately.

Beyond individual care, Grace is passionate about fostering a compassionate, safe culture in which people can talk about challenges. To that end we offer a bi-monthly Speaker Series on a range of mental health issues.


Peer Counseling
Whether you are experiencing difficulty in your life or relationships or just want to enrich your relationship with Christ, Peer Counseling is a great option.  To learn more, click here.

Loyola Interns
Grace Community Church has had a partnership with Loyola University of Maryland’s Pastoral Counseling program for several years. Annually Loyola has provided Grace with highly qualified graduate student interns. While counseling at Grace the interns are intensely supervised on campus with individual and small group supervision, in addition they have support from Grace Counseling Ministries. Loyola interns are mature, with a variety of gifts and talents, which are brought from disciplines such as education, health care, administration, military, business, and ministries. They have completed required pastoral counseling courses prior to their placement. Interns are able to provide up to 10 weeks of counseling with no charge. If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with an intern or would like to hear more about the program email

A new intern, Jackie Kang, will be joining us in the fall.  Please check back in late August for more details.

Safe Harbor Christian Counseling (on site and local)
Safe Harbor Christian Counseling serves local communities by providing Christian-based, clinically sound counseling so that people experience the recovery of their hearts. Our unique approach to marriage counseling, family counseling and individual counseling includes offering an inviting atmosphere whereby a healing relationship is experienced in the counseling room. To learn more, click here.

Local Professional Counseling and Community Mental Health Referrals
Life has its ups and downs and sometimes transitions are difficult. Most of the time when we experience challenging situations, we can turn to friends, family members, or our Small Groups for support. Other times, however, problems become more troublesome and we need the guidance of professionals. You may be feeling overwhelmed, struggling in a relationship or going through a transition, and we want to help connect you with a competent counselor. The buttons below will provide you with professional counselors and community resources. If you seek outside help, please reach out to the leadership and other members of Grace as well, to support you and encourage you through – we don’t want you to go through this alone. To see a list of professional counselors, click here.

Support & Care Groups

The Grace Counseling Ministry offers a number of support and care groups to meet the needs of the body. The following are current offerings (see below for full descriptions, listed alphabetically):

EMOTIONAL WELL-BEING + MENTAL HEALTH: Boundaries; Healing Journey: Belonging; “I Don’t Want to Talk About It” Men’s Depression Support Group; Mental Health Group for Families & Friends; StepFamily Group

LOSS: After Abortion Healing & Care, Divorce Care; Grief Share; Shiloh Infertility Support Group

TRAUMA: Healing the Wounded Heart Support Group; Rescued Women – Surviving and Thriving after Sexual Betrayal

ADDICTION: 12-Step Recovery Bible Study; Regeneration Rescue (pornography addiction)




This is an open group on Monday nights at 6:30pm (drop in any week) to all who are recovering or have a relative struggling with an addiction and would like to draw strength from the Bible. To learn more, click here.

After Abortion Healing & Care

You don’t have to go through this alone. Laurel Pregnancy Center offers this confidential support. Contact Cheryl Dudek.


Do you struggle with your responses to people’s request or demands on your time, talents or resources? This is for those who long for Biblically-based insights setting healthy boundaries with family, friends, co-workers or yourself. Group discussion on challenging issues while reviewing the life changing principle found in the book Boundaries, by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend.

A new session will begin in the fall. Contact Boundaries for more information.


Divorce Care Recovery Group is a friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. Unless you’ve been there, it’s hard to understand the hurt that comes from separation and divorce. Divorce Care group is led by people who have been through divorce and successfully rebuilt their lives.We understand how you feel because we’ve been in the same place. We’ll show you how to deal with the hurt caused by your separation or divorce.  You don’t have to go through it alone.  (For those seeking couples counseling, please reach out to .

The next session begins on September 12, 2019 and goes through December 12, 2019. To register, click here.

If you have questions, click here to contact Divorce Care.


GriefShare is a place where hurting people find healing and hope through a Christ-centered perspective as they examine soul-level questions about death and eternal life. Anyone grieving the loss of a loved one is welcome to join our group.

Current session runs from April 10 to July 31, 2019. Click here for more information about GriefShare, or contact us for specific questions.


In Healing Journey: Restarting, we encountered the transforming power of joy as we learned to build increasing levels of joy in our relationships with God and others. In Healing Journey: Belonging, we will build on these skills and discover how to create a joyful place all around ourselves that extends an open invitation to others to share joy with us. The group will meet June 11- August 20, 2019; 7-9 pm. Workbook is $25.

Registration for this session is closed.


Healing the Wounded Heart is an honest and hopeful journey into the damage of sexual abuse. With great compassion the group offers hope for victims of rape, date rape, incest, molestation, and more, exposing the raw wounds that are left behind and clearing the path toward wholeness and healing. Never minimizing victims’ pain or offering pat spiritual answers that don’t truly address the problem, the group instead calls evil evil and lights the way to renewed joy. If you are a victim of sexual abuse or know someone who is, please consider participating in or referring to this group.

Marie Celano, LCPC, Assistant Director of Grace Counseling will be facilitating the group using Dan Allendar’s book “Healing the Wounded Heart.” The next session will begin on June 26 through August 21, 2019.

Registration is currently closed.


Do you feel disconnected from your feelings? Your loved ones? Do you often try to deaden your loneliness with work, food, exercise, alcohol or pornography? Are you doing everything you’re supposed to be doing: working, taking care of your responsibilities, helping around the house… and yet your wife asks why you “Why won’t you talk to me?”

Author of the book, “I Don’t Want to Talk about it,” Terrence Real, offers an important and compelling look at the silent epidemic of depression among men and shows what can be done to break this vicious cycle. Come join a group of men to explore this together. Facilitated by Jim Piffath, LCPC & Brian Campbell, Peer Counselor.

The class is currently full. Please email: if you have questions about future groups.


If you are a parent of a child who is identified as LGBT+ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) please contact the counseling ministry at  We can provide  a safe space with other parents to experience community and personal growth in Christ.

MENTAL HEALTH GROUP for families and friends

This care group is for families and friends of people dealing with mental health challenges, anxiety, and depression. Find support, give support to others, and gain practical skills and tools. Rebuild your families through a focus on God’s grace for life transformation.

The next session will start October 9 – December 18, 2019. Email with questions.


Shiloh is a care group for women experiencing infertility and/or miscarriage. Join with other women who understand and be encouraged through drawing near to God’s heart in his Word. Gain practical wisdom to navigate emotions, questions and decisions as we walk side by side in the journey.

Shiloh Fall session will meet bi-weekly on Mondays at Grace: Sept 30, Oct 7 & 21, Nov 4 & 18, Dec 2 & 16. Registration coming shortly.


Using The Smart Stepfamily by Ron Deal, the group is for engaged, recently married, and experienced step-couples. Facilitated by step couples who understand what it takes.

The next Stepfamily Group starts September 19, 2019. Register>>

If you have questions, please contact us.


The Rescue program is for men who long for purity yet struggle with sexual sin in any form. Rescue runs year-round in four, 12-week quarters. Receive support, coaching, and healing prayer from a team committed to helping you succeed. Next session starts July 2, 2019. Email with questions.

Each group cycle closes after the second session but you can get immediate help from Regeneration staff year round. For immediate help, information about Rescue, or to learn about other programs offered by Regeneration for women, spouses, family and children, click here.

RESCUED WOMEN: Surviving and Thriving after Sexual Betrayal

Women dealing with the devastating impact of sexual betrayal are invited to join a community of women on this unintended journey. You are not alone! There is hope and healing through Jesus. This confidential group will be a safe place for support, encouragement, and growth. We will be using the workbook Rescued: A Woman’s guide to surviving and thriving after sexual betrayal by Shelley Martinkus. For more info, click here.
No registration fee, but the workbook is $25.

Meets the first and third Monday. 2019-2020 dates: Oct 7 & 21, Nov. 4 & 18, Dec. 2 & 16, Jan. 6 & 20, 2020, Feb. 3 & 17, Mar. 2 & 16, Apr. 6 & 20, May 4 & 18