Grace Counseling

Grace Counseling

SIDE BY SIDE Through Life Challenges

We all have challenging circumstances at various times from relational pain to seasons of transition to mental illness. You’re not alone. Grace Counseling provides a network of ministries, resources, trained volunteers, and professional counselors to help you move forward with both the grace of God and practical support.

If you (or your loved one) is in imminent danger of hurting yourself or others, call 911 immediately. To request help for non-life threatening situations, click below. We’ll listen to your needs and personally connect you.

Beyond individual care, Grace is passionate about fostering a compassionate, safe culture in which people can talk about challenges. To that end we offer a bi-monthly Speaker Series on a range of mental health issues.


Peer Counseling
Loyola Interns
Safe Harbor Christian Counseling (on site and local)
Local Professional Counseling and Community Mental Health Referrals


If you or a loved one struggles with overcoming addiction, the resources recommended here can help.

12 Step Recovery Bible Study
Crossroads Addiction Recovery Group
Regeneration Rescue - Sexual Purity

Support Groups

Mental Health Group for Families and Friends
Stepfamily Group
Healing the Wounded Heart Support Group (Abuse)
CONFIDENTIAL After Abortion Healing & Care
Rescued Women: Surviving and Thriving after Sexual Betrayal
Shiloh Infertility Group