totZone – Infants through Pre-K

In totZone, Christ’s love is demonstrated through caring team members who provide a safe and fun environment, where children engage in singing, movement and play, while learning about the Bible.

totZone is divided into three areas:  Nursery, Tots and  Preschool/PreK.

Nursery, children are assigned to rooms depending on development.  Nursery rooms include Infants, Crawlers, Cruisers, Walkers and Movers.  In Nursery the emphasis is on giving care and love to young children during the gathering time.  Snacks are served and all ingredients are listed under the GraceKids policy page.  Children who are two years of age as of September 1st  are moved to Tots.

Tots  is for children who are age two by September 1st.  Beginning in Tots, children are introduced to the lifelong value of friendship and the importance of being in a small group. The children begin to be assigned to a room, which becomes their small group for the year.  With the help of puppets, crafts, drama and music, they will begin to learn Bible stories that are relevant and fun.

Preschool/PreK is for children who are ages three/four by September 1st.  Children remain in PreK until they enter kindergarten and move-up to kidZone.  In PreSchool/PreK the children participate in age-appropriate experiences to help them learn the stories of the Bible.  In their small groups, children participate in creative and fun activities in their rooms and then transition to the totZone Clubhouse for large group.  While in the Clubhouse, the large group leader shares the Bible story using interactive tools to help bring the story to life and worship together through song and movement.