Parent Commissioning and Child Dedication

Parent Commissioning and Child Dedication


God calls each parent to be the primary disciple-maker of their children. The Grace Kids ministry at Grace Community Church seeks to come alongside parents and equip them to fulfill that role. The first Parent Commissioning and Child Dedication class is the first milestone.

Three parts make up the Parent Commissioning and Child Dedication. Each of these parts are equally important, and both parents need to attend.

NOTE: Attending the D6 Orientation is also required. If you have not attended yet, please make sure to do so before Part 2, the video taping. See D6 details and sign up at the bottom of this page.

Part 1 – Parent Commissioning & Child Dedication Class

During this class, parents will gain a better understanding of their God-given role as the primary faith trainers for their children and how Grace Kids will partner with them in the lifelong spiritual growth of their child and family. Parents will also examine the important and meaningful aspects of child dedication and learn how to prepare for the Celebration service.

Part 2 – Parent Commissioning & Child Dedication Video Taping

To help commemorate this milestone, a video of the parents’ commitment will be made and shared on Parent Commissioning/Child Dedication Celebration Day. During taping, parents will be interviewed using conversation-style questions and be asked to share about their child, family, personal story/testimony role as a parent and reasons for dedicating their child.

Part 3 – Parent Commissioning & Child Dedication Celebration Service

The Celebration Service takes place during one of the weekend services on the selected Celebration dates. During the service, commissioning and dedicating families, with their children, will come to the stage and stand before the congregation while the Grace Kids staff and pastor introduces them and acknowledges their desire to raise their children to love and serve the Lord. The church body will also have an opportunity to bless the families, pray for them, and commit to helping them along their parenting journey.


Q: Does Child Dedication “save” my child and may my child be baptized?

A: Child Dedication – What It Is Not. Child Dedication is not a means to salvation nor is it equivalent to baptism. We believe that baptism in the Bible is a sign that someone has come to believe in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ for their salvation. Since a parent cannot believe for their children, we do not practice infant baptism. So, at Grace Community Church, we wait until children are old enough to trust the person and saving work of Jesus Christ and then, they may be baptized. We call that act “Believer’s Baptism.” If you have additional questions, a Grace Kids staff member or Grace Pastor is available for further conversation.

Q: I cannot make the scheduled Milestone class. May I still be commissioned and my child dedicated?

A: To ensure that parents are prepared for the taping and Celebration Service and grow in understanding of what it means to disciple their child, attending the Milestone class is necessary. Please plan to sign-up for our next session.

Q: I cannot make the scheduled taping times. May I still be commissioned and my child dedicated?

A: Unfortunately, the scheduled taping times are the only times available for videotaping families for this Celebration service. Please plan to sign-up for our next session.

Sign Up

To sign up to participate in Milestone 1: Parent Commissioning & Child Dedication, please review the available times and click below to register.

 Milestone 1 Class (must attend one)Taping/Video Shoot (20-minute timeslot)Commissioning & Dedication Day
Fall 2018Sun. September 30th and Wed. October 3rdSat. October 13thNovember 3rd and 4th
Winter 2019Wed. January 16th and Sun. January 20thSat. February 2ndMarch 2nd & 3rd
Summer 2019Sun. May 5th and Wed. May 8thSat. May 18thJune 22nd & 23rd

D6 Orientation and Enrollment

Please note that the dates and service times fill up fast and we are limited in the number of families in each Celebration Service weekend. Attending the GraceKids D6 Orientation and Enrollment Class is a requirement for participating in GraceKids Milestones. For more information about D6, please click below.