How to Enroll

How to Enroll

Sign Up for Realm and Set Up Your Family Profile

Why we’re using Realm for Check-In and Communication

Realm provides a completely secure and streamlined check-in experience. This makes life easier for parents and helps us take better care of your children.

Realm gives us great tools to help you stay connected to what your children are learning at GraceKids. Please have your email settings at “New Things” for the GraceKids group so you don’t miss important information.

It will help us take good care of your children

When you check-in your children through Realm, your personal barcode, last for digits of your phone or last name will be the check-in key for your child. This helps us to streamline our process and allows the staff to know who is checked in for the services and the attendance numbers to satisfy safety ratios of children to team members.

It will help you stay connected to what your kids are learning at Grace

Realm will automatically connect you into GraceKids ministry groups where you’ll receive important communication, including weekly summaries of what  we’re learning. You can also interact with GraceKids staff, team members and other parents through these groups.

It will help new people connect to Grace

GraceKids is one of the primary connection points for new families visiting Grace. Realm’s check-in feature helps us provide a great First Impression, and makes it easy for us to follow up with new families and help them discover opportunities to connect to our families beyond Sunday.

Sign up for Realm below. You will go to a page where you enter your email. Then you will receive an email invitation with a link to confirm and sign up.

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