Grace Institutes

Grace Institutes

We like to call this loving God with your mind. Delve into topics from the Bible, missions, or great theologians like C. S. Lewis. Interactive classes are facilitated by experts from Grace and area churches.

2017: Thursday evenings January 19 – February 23 from 7:00 – 8:30pm

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Individual: $50
Student: $25
Couple: $25 per person (one book)
Dan Hedgecock: The Life and Selected Works of C. S. Lewis
Listen to most evangelical sermons and chances are you’ll hear someone quote from C.S. Lewis. “Jack” as he called himself, was one of the most influential thinkers/writers of the 20th century. This course is designed to spark a lifelong appreciation for the person and work of C.S. Lewis by looking at his story and reading excerpts from some of his more popular works.
Mitchel Lee & Dustin Youngstrom: One Story: Understanding How the Old and New Testaments Form One Story
Our goal is to help students understand the various themes and storylines that run through the entire Bible. Students will learn to faithfully read and interpret Old and New Testament passages with the broader narrative context and connectedness in mind. We will recognize some of the challenges as well as the opportunities that come with seeing the Bible as one story.
Will Ortiz: Four Gospels, One Savior
Why do we have four Gospels, and what should we think when they differ? What did the people expect of their Messiah, and how do the Gospels reflect these expectations? What do the words ‘gospel’ and ‘salvation’ even mean in the context of the Gospels? Join us to explore these and related topics in each Gospel in order to gain a greater understanding of the Gospels, the gospel of salvation, and our wonderful Savior.
Josh Moody: Understanding and Practicing the Spiritual Disciplines
For Millennia, Christians have practiced a number of spiritual disciplines to deepen and strengthen their ability to live the lives God has called us all to live. Hosted by Josh Moody with several elders and leaders of Grace to unpack and engage in the essential disciplines of the Christian life.
Sylvia Lee: Poetry and the Bible
Poetry is often used to express that which cannot be expressed in mere words. Poets make the words do something that is beyond verbal or written communication, but speaks to our hearts, so what could be a more natural literary form for the Bible and its message? We will examine together poetry that is found throughout the Bible with contemporary poetry outside the Bible, written by a diverse body of authors.


Cameron Ross: Can God Exist In A World With So Much Evil & Suffering?
If God is all-good and all-loving, why does evil exist? More importantly perhaps, why would He allow bad things to happen to good people, or why would He allow bad things to happen to me? These questions pose some of the greatest challenges to faith and they readily come from atheists and believers alike. How can we reconcile the immense weight of human suffering with statements like “Jesus loves me, this I know”? This class will dive head first into the many facets of the problem of evil and explore how to make sense of the various issues. We will examine what evil is, the depth of human depravity, how other religions deal with it, how to help others who are suffering, and what God is doing about it.