When you decide to become a covenant, or fully participating, member of Grace Community Church, it’s a big deal. It’s even counter-cultural. It means you are not a consumer content to sit on the sidelines. You want to commit, contribute, to be added to the community. And you want a church that gives back, that makes a two-way covenant. Here’s what that looks like at Grace.

Covenant members are baptized believers who will:

CONNECT Relationally:

Members actively seek belonging, being known, ways to care for others and letting others care for them (Philippians 2:4). For most of us, these connections take the form of committing to a small group or ministry with small group and mentoring components like Women of Grace and Men of Grace.

PARTICIPATE Missionally:

Members actively participate in the mission of the church (Matthew 28:18-20).  As living examples of Christ’s transformation we are called to bear witness in the way we live together and serve together for the purpose of making known to our world that Jesus lives! We will:

  • GIVE Missionally: offer financial support from the heart (2 Corinthians 9:7);
  • SERVE Missionally: serving in the church (Romans 15:8); and
  • GO Missionally: witness the gospel of Christ locally and globally (Acts 1:8).

Grace Community Church covenants to:

  • appoint elders according to the Scriptures;
  • prayerfully seek God’s will for our church community;
  • steward our resources to the best of our ability based on our study of the Scriptures and following of the Spirit;
  • care for our members and seek their growth in grace, truth, and love;
  • provide teaching and counsel from the whole of Scripture, protecting from false teachers and teachings; and to
  • equip our members for the work of ministry.

Is God ADDING you to Grace Community Church?

  • Click here to read the Membership Covenant
  • Register for the next membership workshop, Sunday, February 10, where we take a deep dive into each aspect of membership, connect you to ministries, and walk you through the covenant process which includes meeting with a Elder.