Groups Kick-Off 2018 Recap

Groups Kick-Off 2018 Recap

This year’s Fall Groups Kick-off was a huge success! As you know, we had planned on an outdoor, tailgate themed, family friendly event. However due to the weather, an outdoor event was not feasible after all.

So, we decided to bring the tailgate and the fun indoors! That sure was the right call! Even though we used practically every space in the building, which also brought nice a sense of closeness to the event. Also, it was neat to be able to be in the lobby and see the activity in all directions. There was great energy that carried thorough the entire event.

Join us in celebrating some wins form the event:

  • Approximately 256 people attended.
  • There were 71 different groups represented.
  • Approximately 151 People connected to a group at the event.
  • There were 23 Volunteers that helped out that before, during and after the event.

Check out the pictures below. This will give you a sense of the fun and energy that we experienced that night.

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Thank you to everyone who helped make this event a success! We cannot wait for Groups Kick off 2019!