GraceCreative: One Year In

GraceCreative: One Year In

This week marks one year for the new ministry, GraceCreative. By the grace of God, and with dozens of talented artists, designers, photographers, filmmakers, writers, and storytellers of all sorts, the collective launched on April 13, 2016. Together they use visual and word gifts to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and help people engage with Grace Community Church.

During year one a number of creatives were put to work on a wide variety of projects. Leaders stepped forward, teams were formed, and creatives gathered to talk ideas that are already at work in ongoing communications. Check out a few highlights in the slideshow below.

A gift to Mitchel for his installation, painted by a Grace Creative.A video promo of the 5th grade Blessing Letters ceremony, edited by a Grace Creative.Missions Month inspiration video, shot and edited by Grace Creatives.Christmas Eve video invitation, shot and edited by Grace Creatives.A photo taken by a Grace Creative on a snow day.UMD campus ministries video, shot and edited by Grace Creatives.A spoken word piece, written by a Grace Creative.

To serve with GraceCreative, fill out the form below. We’ll invite you to our online project management hub where we post about projects and events.

Happy birthday, GraceCreative!

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