Remember the feeling of anticipation that came from realizing you might get a snow day from school when you were a kid? (Maybe still get if you’re a teacher, and yes, we’re all jealous.)

Well, imagine what the exact opposite would feel like. Perhaps it would be like if snow was going to cancel Christmas morning. That’s how I felt when I woke up the morning of Grace Institutes 2019’s launch and saw a snowflake on my iPhone weather app next to the 6 o’clock hour of that night.

Grace Institute courses have come to feel like those shiny presents, wrapped neatly under the tree. This year we were finally getting Sylvia Lee’s Biblical Poetry and Ken Sossa’s Scripture and Evolution classes that we’d been asking for with same the intensity as Ralphie and his Red Rider BB Gun.

Old favorites were also getting replenished, like CS Lewis, Gospel Fluency, and the Art of Disciplemaking. Some deep dives into the text were sure to be had as well, with seminary quality looks at the art and science of biblical interpretation, the book of Daniel, and biblical womanhood.

And now snow was going to make us wait another whole week? My adult brain suddenly felt like a kid’s again as I started lamenting, “But that’s gonna take FOREVER!”

Fortunately, we were able to meet that evening after all, as 150 people filled packed classrooms to engage the loving of God with all their minds. A little snow couldn’t hold back the Grace Institutes faithful, who have taken courses all six years, nor the newcomers, excited to join the Institutes alumni club.

We had our “Christmas morning” for six weeks on Thursday nights, but alas, now, like a kid on December 26, we have to wait until next year, which really is going to feel like FOREVER. But the wait is part of what makes opening the present of God’s wisdom and knowledge each year at Grace Institutes so special. It’s a break from the ordinary and an invitation to worship the Lord God using a different part of our being than normal.

Don’t just take my word for it. Here’s what 2019 alumni are saying…

“Kenny’s passion is contagious — he makes you want to learn more….[He’s] a great teacher and a joy to be around.” -Student from Evolution and Scripture

“Marja has such knowledge and she always communicates in such a way that I can really understand and she makes you think about things. Seth – you’re awesome! Your personal glimpse you shared really hit home with me — you’re so down to earth and easy to talk to.” -Student from Gospel Fluency on her love for the instructors

“This class was so interesting that I wanted longer sessions….I will never view Song of Solomon nor the intensity of God’s love for us the same way again!” -Students from Poetry in the Bible

“Having guest speakers who talked about their real-life discipleship relationships was awesome. But also literally all of our discussions.” – The Art of Disciplemaking

Whether you are a Grace Institutes alumni or not, join us as we anticipate what 2020 will bring!