Silent Retreat

Silent Retreat

All people need time away from the busyness and hectic pace of life, even if it is only for a day. Jesus himself spent time in the desert in prayer with his Father.

This silent retreat day at Grace is a quiescent day of reflection for those who are looking to spend quiet time with the Lord and reflect upon their life and their relationship with God. As noted by Ruth Haley Barton, “retreat in the context of the spiritual life is an extended time apart for the purpose of being with God and giving God our full and undivided attention.” Most of us are good at giving God 20 or 30 minutes for quiet time or devotions. But God yearns to have more time with each of us – undivided time where our full attention is on him and knowing him more – and our souls yearn for this time with God. A day of silence might sound daunting but it will be a day filled with conversation and reflection between you and God, journaling, meditating on his Word, and growing in your relationship with Jesus.

Join us at Grace on March 9, 2019  for a Silent Retreat Day. You can choose from a variety of ways to spend your time – there will be prayer stations, a prayer walk, a seat in front of the fireplace in the Atrium – come and be open to how God calls you to spend this time with him. God will be there waiting for you… will you come?

Lunch and journals will be provided.

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