Grace Men Fall Study

Grace Men Fall Study

The adventure(N.T. Wright study) will be kicked off on September the 24th by Mitchel. He will be giving an overview of the book of Acts and going into how even in the midst of chaos the early church was able to move the gospel forward in dynamic ways.

The book of Acts is full of energy and excitement as the church navigated leadership, money, ethnic divisions, theology, and ethics. It’s also full of puzzles and problems that churches faced then and even face today. Acts is a book where more journey’s take place than anywhere else in the Bible. There isn’t a dull page in the book, and what’s very neat is we are part of that continued journey today as well.

This is a 24 week study that is being done in 12 weeks. The chapters are relatively short but do require prep time in advance. On November the 5th we will take one night away from the study and Dr. Ken Boa(see information below) will be speaking on “discipling others”. The study will end on January the 7th.

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