Deb’s Compassion Experience

Deb’s Compassion Experience

My heart for the Latina community began in a very simple way…when the Compassion Experience truck last came to Grace Community Church. God had already given me a heart for missions, but he was about to set my course in a new direction using a very simple decision…a walk through the Compassion Experience with my two daughters.

After listening to the life stories of several children while in the truck, my daughters and I made the decision to sponsor a child from El Salvador. They chose our young sponsor child because they thought his eyes “looked sad” and they were drawn to him.

I began writing to Joel David regularly and praying for him and his family, and we all enjoyed the letters we received back from him. In January 2016 I decided to join a team from Grace going to El Salvador with Compassion and had the amazing experience of meeting Joel David and his parents and brothers after writing to him for almost two years. It was a life-changing experience for me.

After returning from El Salvador, my husband was so touched by the stories I returned with that he thought we should sponsor another child from El Salvador as well. We chose a young boy who had lost his previous sponsor and was a high priority on the sponsorship list due to his situation. That began our sponsorship of Josue as well, and my prayer is that my husband and I will both return to El Salvador to meet both our children together.

God used all of these experiences to put a desire in my heart to serve the Latina community back here in Maryland as well, and I am now part of a wonderful ESL team at Grace teaching English classes every Monday night for adults at a local elementary school.

So if you are not interested in a life-changing moment in your life, please do NOT walk through the Compassion Experience… you never know where God will lead you if you do!

— Deb Nichols, Latin America Focus Area Team Leader