Challenge Accepted, Impact Revealed

Challenge Accepted, Impact Revealed

At the end of February, we invited married couples to partake in the 30 Day Prayer Challenge, in which they would spend the month of March intentionally praying for each other and their families.  Praise the Lord for how He has been working through these prayers! Here are some updates from a few couples who embraced the challenge:

About a month ago, I asked my wife (in a text message), how I could pray for her that week, and she gave me a fairly common answer, something like: Pray that my husband does this, or stops doing that 😊
So recently, I asked her the same question for this month of praying for one’s spouse expecting a similar sarcastic response.  First, I got no response, then she called me on the phone when I was driving home from work one evening and gave me a fairly lengthy response that I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to remember since I couldn’t write it down at the time (no writing and driving).
I managed to come up with a mnemonic to remember the key points.  They revolved around three areas:
  1. Walking by faith
  2. Being an example to others, and
  3. Decreasing so the Lord might increase
I’ve been praying along these lines for her (with little snoring 😉 ) daily.
Next I’m going to find some relevant scripture to pray over as Mitchell recently taught.

— Jim

We have consistently prayed together every day and have written down a list of prayer requests to use for future prayer times together. One answered prayer that we are praising God for has been clarity on what to say ‘Yes’ to and what to say ‘No’ to that will enhance quality time together and not leave us feeling burnt out at the end of the week.”

— David

One prayer that God has answered is the gift of life.  Ana and I have been praying to grow our family.  We found out in early March that Ana is with child.  We have been praying continuously for the health of the baby, and we found out on March 8 that the pregnancy is doing well.  — Robert

Praise God for the work He has done! We so look forward to hearing more stories from the impact of prayer!