Why Back 2 School Nights

Why Back 2 School Nights

Last night I went to my very first high school Back 2 School Night. Our oldest son just started high school on Tuesday and he’s been telling us about the complicated hallways that feel like a maze. Last night we were able to experience the confusion first hand as we wove our way back and forth between classrooms to meet his teachers and hear a little bit about what he’ll be learning this year. I have a lot more empathy for my son after getting lost a few times!

Our kids are old enough now to stay home alone while we go to their Back 2 School Nights, but that wasn’t always the case. I remember the days when we would hire a babysitter to stay with the kids. We usually tried to make a date night out of it and would go out to dinner beforehand. It was a fun annual tradition for many years.

In Howard County the schools prefer that parents come alone to Back 2 School Nights. Can you imagine how packed the classrooms would be if parents and kids all came? Since many families don’t have childcare available, they simply don’t attend this very important event. This is especially true in Title 1 schools.

Several years ago one of our Grace members, who was also a teacher at Laurel Woods, came up with the great idea to have fun activities for the kids while their parents met with the teachers. Word quickly spread and now kids drag their parents to Back 2 School Night so that they can hang out and play crazy fun games with us! The staff at Laurel Woods is beyond thrilled with the turnout.

We need you to help make this evening a success! Come out on either Monday, September 18th or Tuesday, September 19th from 5:30-8:30pm to serve God by serving the community!