Addiction Breakthrough with Crossroads Group

Addiction Breakthrough with Crossroads Group

(Update to original post September 13, 2017)

I have an eating disorder. This is the first time I ever typed that. The first time I spoke it out loud was at the Crossroads Addiction Recovery Group in March 2017. That simple act of going public, just with the 8 or so people in the group, disrupted a multi-decade destructive pattern. I still have work to do, but I will never again be held prisoner.

Here are 3 things that I want everyone to know who wants to stop something but can’t.

#1 The next Crossroads Addiction Recovery Group starts March 4 at 1:00pm
You can have a breakthough with the help of God, a group that understands you, and expert facilitators. Cost: $20. Click here to register.

#2 Jesus wants to be side by side with you in ANY kind of addiction. 
During a doctor’s visit, my physician asked me if I prayed about the problem. I was shocked to realize that I didn’t. Here I thought I was BFFs with Jesus, prayer practically a 24/7 open comm link, not to mention a theologically trained ministry professional…and I was completely blocking God out of part of my life. That’s the moment I knew sin played a bigger role than I realized.

My problem is not lack of knowledge. I could write volumes on how God shows his love for us in phytonutrients. My problem isn’t actually food. I heart broccoli. Family history, relationship stuff, and spiritual warfare are certainly factors, but the crux of the matter is simple. My problem is turning to a substitute for Jesus when I get into certain emotional patterns. I exchange the “mercy seat” where the Lord meets us (Exodus 25:22) for a lonely table leading towards death.

Realizing is one thing. Without the Crossroads book and group, I’m not sure I could have moved from the realization to actually confessing my sin and giving control to the Lord. And once I yielded, a floodgate of forgiveness and healing opened.

#3 Having a group to be side by side with makes a powerful difference.
In the Spring 2017 group, people were recovering from at least five different addictions. Some were also in 12-step programs, some new to recovery and others seasoned. We all had something to learn from each other.

When we faltered, we held each other up. When the book made us mad, we ranted together. When we made progress, we cheered each other on. Our two facilitators were brilliant, wise, compassionate, and spiritually astute. They modeled giving control to God in ways that blew my mind. They guided us through the book and created a safe, Spirit-filled space.

I wasn’t kidding about the book making me mad. The notes in my copy show it. Of course the challenge was exactly what I needed and I was won over by the end. Without the group, though, I never would have finished the book and experienced a true breakthrough.

Did you sign up yet? My wonderful friends from the Spring 2017 group say, SIGN UP! We’re all grateful we did.