View Your Giving Account in Realm 2018

View Your Giving Account in Realm 2018

Did you know…that you can view your donations in Realm? This includes donations received in the offering or in the mail as well as online gifts.

Just login and click the “Giving” tab on the left-hand side of your Realm screen.

You will be able to download and print your annual contribution statement each January. Once all donations have been recorded, we will post in Realm that your statement is complete and ready for download. Then you can click the print icon to print your statement. It’s that easy!

For good measure, we’ll also email your giving statement in January. Paper statements will not be mailed to those with Realm accounts.

Most importantly, everyone is encouraged to login now and confirm that all of your donations have posted correctly. If you don’t see a donation, don’t panic! Just contact Amita Mackin, and we’ll figure it out.

Note about Missions Donations:
All donations made for Grace’s Beyond missions trips are being recorded and receipted separately through Managed Missions and will not appear in Realm. Receipts will be emailed and mailed (if no email is on file) in January each year.