The City

The City


What is The City?

Our mission as a church is to encourage people to grow deeper with each other, to become fully devoted followers of Christ, and to impact our world. The City is a tool that helps us accomplish that mission together. The City is a place where we engage with our entire church body, our small groups, serving teams, and with the world around us.

The City is a place where we communicate and encourage one another to better accomplish our mission. What is the desired result of The City? Groups will know each other better, better care for each other and better follow Jesus. We will be able to connect every day of the week.

Who is on The City?

We encourage everyone who is a part of Grace to get on The City. It is for the whole church and is the main channel for church-wide communication. We want you to be a part.

Is The City safe?

Yes. Find out more here.