The City

The City

The City is a secure online connecting place that compliments this website and our social media. You’ll get news, stories, and details on things you care about. Most importantly, you’ll be able to interact with people who share your interests via group conversations and individual messaging.

Sign up with the link below. To take full advantage of The City, complete your profile, download the app for your phone, and set your preferences for how you want to receive information. Managing your account settings is important. You may choose to receive emails when news is posted in your chosen groups such as Pray4Grace or GraceKids. That way we come to you and you don’t have to log on. You may also choose to receive only a daily roundup. Until you manage your settings, you may miss information you need. Click here for instructions with video on Account Settings.

Note: The City works best for Windows 7 and up or Mac OS 10.9 and up. For older operating systems The City may have glitches or not work for you at all.

Is The City safe?

Yes. Find out more here.