Grace Groups

Grace Groups

What are they?

Grace Groups are gospel-centered relationships with people who are learning together what it means to pursue Jesus, love one another, and impact others for Christ.

Come connect with 6-15 other people who helping one another more fully experience abundant life in Jesus Christ through reading, reflecting and responding to God’s Word.  Experience a genuine family of like-minded people who are shaped by the gospel, transformed by Jesus, and committed to discipleship.

Since the Church began 2000 years ago, small groups have been at its core. God’s word exhorts us to “love one another”, to “pray for one another” and to “build up one another.” Small groups offer us the best opportunity to fulfill this calling as we form close relationships with each other, pray for one another’s needs and ultimately help each other to become mature followers of Jesus Christ.

Where do Grace Groups meet?

Most of our Grace Groups meet in homes all throughout Central Maryland. Some groups meet in local businesses and restaurants.

Who can participate?

Anyone from 18 to 118 should be able to find a Grace Group that will fit them. Many of our groups are Mixed, (with Singles, Couples, Divorced, Widowed all meeting together in a small community.) In addition, there are groups for Men, Women, Couples, Young Adults, New Believers, Seekers, Weight Loss, Blended Families, Adoptive Parents, other Support, Etc…

When do they meet?

The majority of Grace Groups meet evenings throughout the week. A few groups meet Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Morning Women’s Groups are available as well as early morning Men’s Groups. Groups typically meet weekly.

How do I sign up?

Sign up to attend the Groups Kick-Off Event Sunday, September 9 to explore all of our group options and find one that works best for you.

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